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Monday, January 18, 2010

Printzy Stuff

So, publishing nerd that I am, I actually got up at, like, 6 AM to see the 2010 ALA Youth Media Awards. This is basically all that good stuff: Caldecott, William C. Morris, Newbery, Pura Belpre, Printz, etc. I was most excited about the Printz, of course, but the others interested me too.

Anyways, so, if you haven't heard yet, here's some of the highlights

  • As predicted by absolutely freaking everyone, When You Reach Me won a richly deserved John Newbery Medal. I'm currently reading it right now, and yes. It so deserves it.

  • The Lion and the Mouse wins a Caldecott. Another WYRM, that pretty much everyone knew it. Even me, though I just jumped on the bandwagon, since I haven't read it.

  • Flash Burnout won the William C. Morris Award for best debut YA, further cementing my knowledge that I HAVE TO READ IT.

  • Marcelo in the Real World was my prediction for Printz, and Going Bovine, Wintergirls, North of Beautiful, and an undisclosed book I haven't read yet and just put on there because like 4 people said it probably would get honor (Fire) for Honor. However, it didn't win. Instead, the winner was the ever-growing-in-popularity-in-my-own-mind...meaning I like it a billion times more the farther away I get from Dec 30...

  • I was so freaking ecstatic when I heard about this. Mainly because the Printz Honor Books consisted of:
  • One nonfiction book (Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith),
  • One book I'd never heard of (Punkzilla),
  • One book I had heard of but didn't plan on reading for a few months, if then (The Monstrumologist) ,
  • and one book I started reading but didn't have time, it being five hundred plus pages (I'm assuming it's obvious--Tales of the Madman Underground).
  • So yeah. There I was, ready to hear that MITRW won, and they were all like (I watched the live webcast--yay me), "Going Bovine" by Libba Bray.
  • Me:
  • EEE
  • Or something like that.

So, yeah, it turns out you can trust The Printz to bring you #theawesome in YA literature:

  • Looking for Alaska
  • Jellicoe Road

and now

  • Going Bovine.

Not to mention the scores of yummish honor books


  • Speak much?)

that are also awesome.

But yeah. So there is much to do today, and I must retire from my Printzy duties. Have a great MLK day!